Windows installation instructions for MS-MULTITRACK-PRO-OMNI

Please complete the following steps to setup and use your microphone system:

1 - Open the case and remove all of the components from the case.

2 - Attach the power cord to the back of the mixer and plug it into AC power.

3 - On the back of the mixer, make sure that the "+48v" switch is turned on. Confirm that the stereo/mono button is depressed on the mixer. All of the other buttons should be "up". The "MIX" knob should be all the way down, in the 7 o'clock position. Start with each "GAIN" knob in the 9 o'clock position. Put the "MAIN OUT" and "PHONES" knob in the 12 o'clock position .

4 - Eclipse users skip this step: Plug the analog cable into the "L" and "R" outputs in the"MAIN OUT" section on the back of the mixer. Plug the 1/8" plug from the cable into the pink input on the Andrea USB audio adapter. Follow these instructions to setup the Andrea audio adapter.

5 - Eclipse users only: Install the Behringer drivers per the included instructions from the Behringer website. Connect the USB cable between the USB connector on the back of the mixer and a USB port on your computer. Allow the driver to install. Setup your input channels in Eclipse per the Eclipse instruction manual.

6 - Place your microphones around the room wherever you want them. Plug the microphones into the mixer inputs. Adjust the level of each microphone on the mixer to give you strong, but not distorted, sound quality in your headphones. The "CLIP" lights should just barely flicker when someone speaks very loudly.

7 - In your CAT program, it is important that you reference the recording level indicator. The waveform (or recording level indicator) in your CAT program should be green and yellow when your subjects are talking. If the colors change to red occasionally, that’s OK, but you do not want it to be red very often. This would produce a distorted recording. If you want to monitor your recording, plug headphones into the headphone jack of the mixer and adjust the headphone level control as needed.