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AT829-SP – Uni-Directional Lapel Microphone with windscreen and lapel clip

Brand: Sound Professionals/Audio Technica


Uni-Directional Lapel Microphone with windscreen and lapel clip

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Miniature mono Cardioid (unidirectional) condenser lavaliere/instrument microphone. 48″ flexible high quality shielded cable enters at the base of the microphone.

The microphones can be powered with normal “plug-in-power”, available on many portable recorders and camcorders. For use in high SPL (sound pressure level) situations, the microphones require additional power, beyond the normal “plug in power”. You will need to add battery module (power supply) or Phantom power kit as described below:

Power Option: Add battery module for increased high SPL performance and dynamic range. You can add basic battery module above and save $$ (SP-UPS-1 with no options shown here). There other modules with various options also available on this page if you prefer.

Also available wired for “Dual mono” so that the mono signal appears on both channels of stereo recorder (not available with phantom power option). Order “dual mono” option above. NOTE: Dual Mono version will not work with true mono recorders (like dictation recorders, etc). It is only for use with stereo recorders where you want the sound to be recorded on both channels. Some computer mic inputs provide power to the microphone in such way that requires the dual mono option. If you are not sure, order the dual mono option.

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