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Brand: Sound Professionals/Audio Technica


Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone – available single (mono) or in a stereo pair

Mono or Stereo Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone

This is the same microphone used in this Audio Technica Product, except that it is wired with miniplug for use with recorders having microphone input providing “plug-in power”, commonly available on many portable recorders (most MiniDisc and DAT recorders). For recorders without plug-in power, optional battery module is available above to power this mic. Other models are available here. If you are plugging this mic into device that has 9-52 volt phantom power (many mixers and professional equipment), select the phantom power option above and mini locking XLR plug is substituted for the standard 1/8″ mini plug and this plugs into the phantom power adapter (included with this option).

For stereo use (great for recording at long conference tables, too!), choose the stereo version in the option box, and the two microphones will be wired together into single stereo miniplug as noted above.

Mono version also available wired for “Dual mono” so that the mono signal appears on both channels of stereo recorder. NOTE: Dual Mono version will not work with true mono recorders (like dictation recorders, etc). It is only for use with stereo recorders where you want the sound to be recorded on both channels. This note does not apply to versions with the phantom power option.

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