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ATH-M50-CASE-1 – T5000 Watertight Storage Case for ATH-M50 – all versions.

Brand: Sound Professionals/S3


T5000 Watertight Storage Case for large headphones – includes pick-and-pluck foam for a snug fit and maximum protection

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Sound Professionals/S3 INC. Watertight Storage Cases

This storage case is big enough to carry most full size headphones and is completely waterproof! Inside the case are little cubes of foam that pull out to so your headphones will fit snugly in the case.

This case carries lifetime warranty from the manufacturer: if under normal conditions the case should fail to stay watertight or its structure should fail in any manner, it will be replaced.


  • Compound Latch for more positive seal and easy opening
  • Locking feature for absolute security
  • Purge valve Pick and pluck foam included! Note: before you pluck, be sure where you want to remove foam. Replacement foam is $9.99
  • Watertight seam and foam cushioned interior Black color
Materials: Inside Dimensions: Outside Dimensions: Weight: Depth Rating: Temperature Range:
  • High Impact Abs
  • #316 Stainless Steel Pins
  • Pick and Pluck Foam
9.37″ long
7.34″ wide
4.08″ deep


238.0 mm long
186.4 mm wide
103.6 mm deep

10.18″ long
8.55″ wide
4.78″ deep


258.6 mm long
217.2 mm wide
121.4 mm deep

2.80 lbs


1.3 kg

3 Feet for
30 Minutes*
-30 to 175 F


Weight 4 lbs


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