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Brand: Audio Technica


Two-Bay Charging Station with Link Kit (3000 Series)

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ATW-CHG3N charging station. Additional AT8687 kits can be purchased to link up to five charging stations, all of which can be powered by a single AD-SA1230XA AC adapter (sold separately).

Power Requirements: 12V DC 3.0 A
Charging Output: 3.6V DC 500 mA (x2)
Power Consumption : 4.9 W (when 2 transmitters are charging)
27.4 W (when 5 units are connected and 10 transmitters are charging)
Charging Time: Approx. 6.5 hours (1,900 mAh rechargeable battery)
Depending on battery type and use pattern
Operating Temperature Range: 0* C to 40* C (32* F to 104* F)
Dimensions (charger only): 185 mm (7.28″) x 99 mm (3.90″) x 68.5 mm (2.70″) (W x D x H)
Net Weight (charger only): 400 g (14.1 oz)


-ATW-CHG3 two-bay charging station with AT8687 link kit

-Charging station works with 3000 Series (fourth generation) handheld (ATW-T3202) and body-pack (ATW-T3201) transmitters

-Charges NiMH batteries while they are housed within a transmitter

-Automatically shuts off if alkaline or damaged batteries are detected

-Indicator LEDs for easy monitoring of power and charging status

-AT8687 kit (link cable, link plate, and four plate screws) links the ATW-CHG3 to another ATW-CHG3 or ATW-CHG3N charging station

-With additional AT8657 kits,* up to five charging stations can be linked and powered by a single AD-SA1230XA AC adapter*

-Transmitters power off automatically when placed in the charging station and power on automatically when removed


* Sold separately

Weight 1.5 lbs


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