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BOYA-35C-XLR-PRO – XLR adapter to use 3.5mm microphones with phantom power

Brand: BOYA
(3 customer reviews)


3.5mm (TRS) Mini-Jack Female to XLR Male Adapter for Microphone with Integrated Phantom Power Converter (35C-XLR Pro)

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  • Allows you to connect your standard TRS (3-pole) 3.5mm microphone connector to a standard 3-pin XLR jack on your camcorder, recorder, mixer, etc.
  • Converts 12-48V Phantom Power (XLR/Male) to 3-5V Plug-in Power(3.5mm/Female)
  • Gold-plated shielded connectors for interference-free signal transfer
  • Durable Aluminum Construction, Compact & Lightweight
  • 1 Year BOYA Warranty


Weight 0.2 lbs

3 reviews for BOYA-35C-XLR-PRO – XLR adapter to use 3.5mm microphones with phantom power

  1. Anonymous

    Works fantastically
    Reviewed in the United States
    Verified Purchase
    As it is a simple device, there isn’t much to dive into but for my use case taking cheaper electret and condenser microphones with 3.5mm and plugging into a mixer with 48V XLR-In needed the 48V stepped down to “bias power” territory (3-5V). This is working beautifully and there is no noise attributable to the adapter! I am a very happy camper as I don’t own a true 48V mic (yet). On the build quality it seems just fine to me but I am not going to be plugging and unplugging frequently.

  2. JZ

    Converts XLR Phantom to 3.5 mm powered for Headsets
    Reviewed in the United States

    Converts XLR Phantom to 3.5 mm 3-5v powered for my gaming headset. Now I can attach my gaming headset to my Zoom Podtrak P4. Sounds great, no hum or crackle. This allows me to route my game audio and headset to Twitch Studio giving me more control over levels.

  3. Too Tall

    Perfect solution for lavalier mics

    This is what you need if you want to use a lavalier mic (that has a 3.5mm plug). I use it with a Shure and Rode lavalier mics and it works perfectly. A must for these little phantom powered mics and external sound cards like Personus, Focusrite, Komplete audio etc…

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