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Brand: Countryman Associates


Type 10 Di Box (Direct Box)


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The Type 10 DI box is the ideal counterpart to our classic Type 85, combining the exceptional ruggedness and versatility of the Type 85 with an advanced design that sets new standard for pure performance.

Most direct box designs must make difficult tradeoffs with your sound: ultra-low distortion can only be attained by increasing input noise; true ground isolation means high phase deviation or signal attenuation. The Type 10 takes radically new approach, with an analog circuit that tunes itself to deliver your sound with the lowest distortion, lowest noise, and highest accuracy of any direct box. The result is clean, precise sound that is completely faithful to the original.

Outstanding Performance

The Type 10 achieves the highest SNR, lowest phase deviation, and lowest distortion of any DI. Some boxes achieve low distortion over narrow range of frequencies and levels, but end up coloring the low frequencies and distorting loud signals. The Type 10 maintains exceptionally low THD and IMD across the entire audio band, and for wide range of input voltages, rendering your sound with extremely high fidelity.

Key Electrical Specs

Frequency Response:
10Hz 50kHz (+/- 1dB)

Deviation from Linear Phase:
+2 deg (30 Hz)
0 deg (100 Hz 20 kHz)

Noise (short input, 22 Hz 20 kHz):
1.8 micro-Volts rms

THD (1Vpp, typical load):
< 0.001% at kHz
< 0.005% (30 Hz 20 kHz)

IMD (1Vpp, typical load):
< 0.005% (10 kHz/60 Hz, 4:1)

Max Input (1% THD):
6 Vpp (0 dB pad)
33 Vpp (-15 dB pad)
190 Vpp (-30 dB pad)


Like the Type 85, the Type 10 is armored inside and out, with molded core wrapped in an extra thick architectural alumininum housing. The switches and connectors are fully recessed. The electronics are just as tough?both the Type 10 and the Type 85 shrug off static spikes and will survive with the input connected directly to 110V or 220V line voltage.


We understand that conditions on the road are not always ideal?noisy electrical systems, mix boards positioned across stadium with low input impedance and low or no phantom power for your box. The Type 10 has rock solid isolation and is designed to drive any board across hundreds of feet of cable whether or not you have phantom power. That means that whatever environment youre in, your sound will be consistently great.

Pure and Simple

The legendary Type 85 achieves greatness partly through its simplicity: no unnecessary roll-off switches or EQ options. With the new Type 10, we kept it simple while adding some new features that we think can really help you on the road. Handle sizzling hot outputs from active keyboards using the -15 dB pad with virtually immeasurable distortion. Use the edge of coin to access the battery. Check the battery voltage and monitor the quality of the phantom power with the flip of switch.

Weight 2 lbs


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