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Brand: Andrea Communications


High Fidelity On-ear Stereo Headphone with in-line Volume Control. Perfect for general music or educational use

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New! Now available with super-soft, velvet earpads! Stereo Headphone (On-the-Ear) with in-line Volume Control. Perfect for use as an education headphone, computer headphone or just listening to your favorite tunes on your mobile device.

When sound intelligibility is a priority, the EDU-175 stereo headphone provides full size headphones that have round plush ear pads that sit on the ear and are designed to help attenuate any intrusive external background noise. The plush leather-type ear cushions provide maximum comfort and are easy to wipe clean. The headband is designed to provide a stable and comfortable fit, even for smaller heads.

Product Features:


Ear cups with plush leather-type or velvet ear cushions for passive noise attenuation, providing enhanced listening intelligibility


– 40mm speakers with CD quality deep bass sound


– Adjustable headband


– Inline volume control


– Extra long 8 foot cable with dual color coded 3.5mm plugs


– Durable construction, cost effective headset solution


– Certified for safe use by children in accordance with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

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