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Brand: Master Series by Sound Professionals


Professional Omnidirectional boundary microphone with ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-high gain, low-noise mic element w/Boya XLR connector for phantom

The Sound Professionals Boundary microphone is our very best microphone for Courtrooms, Depositions, Meetings and Lecture recordings and is hand-crafted in the USA. This ultra-high sensitivity microphone offers premium sound quality. This microphone will work devices that provide phantom power on an XLR connector.

This microphone is also perfect for recording lectures, business meetings, interviews, etc. The microphone element is omnidirectional, so it picks up sound in all directions equally. This microphone has an ultra-high sensitivity mic element for recording sounds ranging from extremely quiet to moderately loud sounds. It has a S/N ratio of 80dB for super low noise (hiss) and -24dB ultra-high sensitivity. It has a range of approximately�125 feet (depending on conditions).

Sound Quality
The microphone has an extended frequency response and very natural and accurate sound, providing deep, solid bass, smooth midrange and clean highs.


– Flat frequency response – Can be used directly with any device that provides phantom power on an XLR connectorWeighs only 2.5 ounces


Weight 0.8 lbs


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