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MS-MINI-BINAURAL-EARS – Ultra-low noise Binaural microphonewith human-shaped ears

Brand: Master Series by Sound Professionals


New! Ultra low noise professional adjustable Binaural microphone using realistic human-shaped ears – Made in USA

New! The next generation Binaural microphone is here! It has 17dB less noise (hiss), 10dB more sensitivity and 10dB higher max SPL than our standard microphones. It measures an amazing 19dB of equivalent self noise. This means that your recording will have noticeably less background hiss and greater dynamic range than previously possible with in-ear binaural microphones! Compare this to the best omnidirectional microphones anywhere and you will see why these offer the highest level of performance at fraction of the cost of other similar mics.

Now, for the first time, you can get a Binaural effect similar to what you get when you put mics in your ears – without using your own ears! Our Binaural microphone is powered by normal ‘plug in power’, supplied by most digital recorders/cameras and interfaces (call us at 800-213-3021 if you are not sure if your device has ‘plug in power’). The microphone can be pluged into a recorder directly with it’s 3.5mm (1/8″) miniplug, or plug the mic into the included base. The microphone has a threaded ring on the connector that locks onto the base. The base can rest on a flat surface or you can attach it to a standard camera tripod (a small bendable tripod is included). It can also be attached to a camera hot shoe with an optional mount. The cable on the base terminates with a 3.5mm (1/8″) plug is 60″ long.

The microphone depth is adjustable (in the ears) by sliding the ears in or out as desired. This allows you to tune the sound of the mics to your taste. The ears can be removed from the microphone if you would prefer to make a stereo recording instead of a Binaural recording.

Why put microphones in an ear, you ask?

Pretty simple, really. These mics put the mic element right in the ear canal so that the microphones “hear” sound waves the same way our own ears hear sound. This results in a very realistic recording.


– Flat frequency response
– Extremely low noise for the quietest recordings (75dB signal to noise ratio)
– Very high sensitivity -32dB
– High maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 120dB when powered by one of our microphone power supplies
– Omni-directional pickup pattern
– Produces extremely realistic recordings

Weight 0.9 lbs


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