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Brand: S3 Inc


Closeout – Watertight Case with Foam Liner – clear

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S3 INC. Watertight Storage Cases

The S3 Dry Box T3000 is the ideal size for a checkbook, passport or hand held gaming device. Due to it’s slim design, the S3 Dry Box T3000 can easily be stored just about anywhere without taking up too much space.

Remember all those times when you’ve been diving under 100 feet of water and you just wish you had your MD gear handy? No? Well it doesn’t matter, just knowing you could do that with the S3 Watertight storage case is good enough reason to get one. This storage case can store many MD portables with remote and earbuds in complete safety even under the most extreme circumstances.

These guys even carry lifetime warranty from the manufacturer: if under normal conditions the S3 should fail to stay watertight or its structure should fail in any manner, it will be replaced. Now that’s confidence! The S3 features heavy duty clamps, watertight seam and foam cushioned interior (no foam in 1000 series). All dimensions are in inches and are less the foam inserts.

Most S3 products are available with built in microphones! See “single point stereo microphone page” for more information. If you don’t see them in size you want, let us know and we’ll custom make it for you!

S3 large (3000 series)

    8 3/8 4 3/8 1 7/8 O.D. 7 7/8 3 13/16 1 1/2 I.D.

Weight 0.5 lbs


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