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S3-T6000 – Waterproof protective case with foam included

Brand: S3 Inc

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Model T6000 waterproof protective case with foam included

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One of our larger cases, it is often used in the field to carry electronics. Numerous companies in the oil and gas industry use the T6000 cases to protect sensitive gear. A custom case was made out of polypropylene for Emissions Technology to suit the harsh environment it would be used in. Since polypropylene has great chemical resistance, it was the material of choice. The cigar market has also found it useful as a travel humidor.




  • High Impact ABS
  • #316 Stainless Steel Pins
  • Foam Lined

Inside Dimensions:

  • 11.93″ long
  • 9.02″ wide
  • 4.05″ deep
  • 303.0 mm long
  • 229.1 mm wide
  • 102.9 mm deep

Temperature Range:

  • -30 F to 175 F

Outside Dimensions:

  • 12.81″ long
  • 10.36″ wide
  • 4.64″ deep
  • 325.4 mm long
  • 263.1 mm wide
  • 117.9 mm deep


  • 4.02 lbs
  • 1.8 kg

Depth Rating:

  • 3 Feet for
  • 30 minutes*
Weight 6 lbs


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