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Brand: Sound Professionals


Build your Social Distancing recording system with up to 8 ultra-high sensitivity Omnidirectional microphones, splitter & optional USB audio interface

Available exclusively from The Sound Professionals, this is the smallest, high-sensitivity multiple microphone system available! You can record the sound from all of the microphones and monitor live with headphones.

The system includes 4 (expandable to 8) high gain, ultra-high sensitivity Boundary/Conference type microphones. The microphones can be spread around room or table to evenly pickup sounds from 4 (or 8) areas. The cable length can be selected on each mic.

The compact splitter has inputs for 4, 6 or 8 microphones (select in option box as needed).

The USB soundcard includes advanced noise filtering and echo cancellation and offers a headphone amplifier that offers real-time monitoring of the sound begin recorded.

Here are the features and specs on the mics

Here are the features and specs on the USB soundcard (SP-USB-SA-HIGH-GAIN)

This system can be configured to your liking – just email us or call!

Weight 2 lbs


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