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Brand: Sound Professionals


Ultimate Studio Reference Micro-Miniature ‘Stealth’ Omni-Directional Stereo/Binaural Microphones with Clips, Two Sets Of Windscreens and Pouch

Looking for the “Stealthiest” microphones ever? Check these out!

This is our latest addition to the Sound Professionals line of mini stereo/Binaural microphones, perfect for “Stealth” recording situations when you need tiny mics that will do an excellent job of capturing a faithful audio recording of any event. They are our smallest, stealthiest microphone set!

The micro-miniature stereo microphone system includes matched set of tiny omnidirectional microphones (also known as “Binaurals”).

The precision microphone capsules feature micron thick, 4mm diameter nickel-plated diaphragms.The flexible, high quality lightweight shielded microphone cable enters the mic body from the bottom. Two removable clips are included. The two microphone cables are terminated together into high quality stereo gold plated 1/8″ (3.5mm) mini plug ready to connect to your portable recorder’s microphone input. These mics are great choice for unobtrusive recordings and are the smallest professional omnidirectional microphones available.

These microphones can be powered with normal “plug-in-power”, available on many portable recorders and camcorders. For use in high SPL (sound pressure level) situations, the microphones require additional power, beyond the normal “plug in power”, using microphone power supply (see options).

Weight 0.5 lbs


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