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SP-BOOST-MULTITRACK-SYSTEM – 2, 4 or 8 wireless multitrack microphone recording system

Brand: BOYA, Presonus, Sound Professionals


Wireless microphone multitrack system compatible with Eclipse Boost™ – Select 2, 4 or 8 channel system below


New! This is the perfect two or eight wireless microphone system to take advantage of the new Boost™ feature in Eclipse. If you are not familiar with the benefits of “Boost”, click here to learn more about this game-changing feature!

The microphones are wireless and use internal rechargeable batteries that last all day (or beyond using a backup battery pack, available here). Each transmitter includes 2 different microphones – a clip-on lapel microphone (to pick up the sound of just one person talking) and a built-in microphone. Also available are optional ultra-high sensitivity plug-in booster microphones (to pick up the sound of several people in close proximity speaking). The transmitters send their audio wirelessly to the receivers that sends the audio into the USB audio interface. There is no connection to the buildings WIFI or other audio system and this system will not interfere with any other audio equipment being used.


  • Crystal clear digital audio transmission and recordings
  • Ability to monitor all microphones (if desired)
  • Ability to adjust the level of each microphone individually to compensate for soft or loud voices
  • Ability to make a second, back up recording into your digital recorder or Steno Writer
  • No connection to building WIFI or other systems
  • Interference -free operation
  • Professional interface for maximum reliability
  • Free technical support here

The system includes the following products:

Presonus Studio 24C two channel interface or Studio 68C four channel interface or Studio 1824C eight channel interface (select in options)

Boya BY-XM6-K2 dual transmitter wireless microphone system with charging cradle and lapel microphones

SP-XLRM-MINI-1-36 – cables to connect receivers to interface

SP-PHONE-MINI-3-72 – Back-up cable to make back-up recording (if desired)

Optional Booster Microphones:

Sound Professionals MS-MMM-1 plug-in untra-high sensitivity omnidirectional microphones

Weight 8 lbs


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