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SP-BUILD-ZOOM-KIT – Zoom system for mobile devices

Brand: Sound Professionals
(17 customer reviews)

From: $14.95

Build your own recording kit to join and record a ZOOM (or any other) teleconference – compatible with all CAT programs, tablets, phones and computers.

To complete your bundle, please select the products you need below:

Product Quantity


Sound Professionals adapter cable for mobile devices and computers with combo inputs


Sound Professionals 3.5mm shielded patch cable with one right angle male plug – 36″ long


Andrea Communications lightweight headset


Sound Professionals single earbud


Sound Professionals ultra high gain omnidirectional lapel type microphone


Master Series by Sound Professionals ultra-high gain omnidirectional boundary microphone


Andrea ultra-high gain USB sound adapter


Apple Lightning to mic/headphone adapter


Apple USB-C to mic/headphone adapter


Sound Professionals backup recording bundle

Instruction manual here

Note: This is the same as the SP-ZOOM-RECORDING-KIT below, but you can now opt-out of any item you don’t need. You will only pay for the items you keep in the kit. Please ignore any reference to the included items in the video below:

Recording connection kit to join and record a ZOOM, GoToMeeting or other teleconference – compatible with all CAT programs, tablets, phones and computers

This kit offers the connections you need to take part in a Teleconference and record the audio from the other participants into your CAT (or other) program. Mobile device or second computer not included. If you need to record your voice as well, and you are using Eclipse, you can use a USB microphone (or your computer’s built in mic) to record your voice onto another channel. If you are NOT using Eclipse, then you should use this kit instead.

If you upgrade the 2-way sound adapter to the USB microphone, you can also use the USB microphone in a normal face-to face deposition or court room proceeding.

Weight 1 lbs


Weight 0.2 lbs


Weight 0.1 lbs


Weight .5 lbs


Weight 0.3 lbs


Weight 0.3 lbs


Weight 0.8 lbs


Weight 0.1 lbs


Weight .3 lbs

17 reviews for SP-BUILD-ZOOM-KIT – Zoom system for mobile devices

  1. JP

    If you are going to take remote depos, please consider purchasing SP’s setup. The sound quality difference between their setup and an external speaker is like night and day. It takes some set up, but SP’s technical support is second to NONE. They are amazing and will walk you through it all and won’t stop until you are satisfied. They are very responsive and ALWAYS are so helpful. HIGHLY recommend. Love this company!

  2. Kathy S

    I love all the options available, including the ability to build your own kit instead of buying components you already have.


    Great customer service, fast shipping, and excellent products. I have purchased numerous products from SP over the past 20-plus years.I highly recommend!

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for the video. It looks a lot simpler than I suspected and answered my questions about hooking up the audio to my computer

  5. Anonymous

    I tested the equipment out today in appearing remote for court. On playback, the sound recorded through your system and played with my audiosync was awesome (very clear and loud) compared to what I actually heard through the earbuds in real time. Very happy with this first remote venture!

  6. Connie Lopinot

    I worked with Kris to get USB hookup that I could plug in Bose speakers and also a label mic so I could hear well and still be capable of speaking on Zoom. It has worked wonderfully. Thank you, Kris, so much,

  7. Lori C

    Thanks for allowing me to build my own Zoom kit as I had already purchased some of the items

  8. Anonymous

    This product is worth every penny. Being able to listen to a Zoom/Remote Counsel/Jabber proceeding through headphones and recorded directly into my CAT software has made reporting so much easier and transcript finalization so much quicker!

  9. Susan S.

    I just want to say thank you. You guys are great!! My zoom kit gave me the most clear audio file ever – better than in person. Thanks.

  10. Judy R

    I experimented with parts I needed and ordered from the remote kit on a Zoom session. I had some problems with audio feedback. I texted SP, and Joe called me and remoted into my primary laptop to check the Andrea Audio Commander settings. He tweaked the settings and gave me some other suggestions. After testing again, everything worked splendidly! Thank you, Joe!!

  11. KATIE W

    This is my first time ordering from Sound Professionals, but I have heard about their outstanding products and customer service for years. Chris walked me through the setup I needed and even put the items in the cart for me. When I received my components, I could not quite figure it all out on my own, so called for help. Kris gave me outstanding tech support and took the time to explain everything for me. Thank you!!

  12. Marta J

    Joe was fantastic. He helped troubleshoot for me some technical stuff. I appreciate his guidance in what I needed for my kit.


    The tech who answered the phone was very helpful. Chris also came on the line and was very helpful to deal with.

  14. Christine W

    Your online video for Zoom setup for court reporters and being able to order only the parts I need that I don’t already have was extremely helpful and cost saving. Thank you so much!

  15. Lisa C

    I love Sound Professionals’ products, but I love their technical support more. They understand court reporting needs and are quick to respond to a call for help

  16. Bj D

    After receiving my video kit, I watched the SP video to assist in the setup. I’m happy to say everything works great and it’s so much clearer audio than the way I was recording my remote depos previously. Super happy with this purchase.

  17. Vesta Y.

    The Zoom kit works fabulous. It’s hands-down better than how I started recording Zoom depos with an external mic next to speaker. Audio sounds great in Case Catalyst. Joe’s technical support is fantastic. Very patient and extremely helpful.

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