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SP-CMC-8-PHANTOM – Premium Audio Technica Cardioid Slimline Stereo Microphones

Brand: Audio Technica, Sound Professionals, Sound Professionals/Audio Technica


Premium Audio Technica Cardioid Slimline Stereo Microphones – clips and windscreens are included – for devices with phantom power only.

AT-MINI-CLIP - Rotating clips For SP-CMC-8, AT933, AT943 microphones, one pair

AT8460 Pair of Rotating Clips For SP-CMC-8, AT933, AT943, ES943, SP-LAV-1, SP-BMC-3 and SP-BMC-2 Microphone Series Mics

Temporarily unavailable

AT8109-PAIR - One Pair 2-Stage Foam Windscreen (Black)

One Pair Small 2-Stage Foam Windscreen (Black)

The Premium Slimline Audio Technica microphone set uses matched set of Audio Technica AT943 microphones. Removable lavaliere (lapel) clips are included.

These microphones are designed to plug into devices that have XLR microphone inputs with phantom power. Custom cable lengths and configurations are available call for details. Windscreens are included and premium locking windscreens are also available.

These are our finest miniature microphones and compare well with the well-known DPA 4060 and 4061 miniature microphones. They also have the advantage of available interchangeable capsules, which most other miniature mics don’t have.


Weight 0.7 lbs


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