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Ultra-High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone – Made in USA

Brand: Sound Professionals
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Ultra-High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone for writers, computer mic inputs and digital recorders (includes clip and windscreen) – Made in USA

Product Quantity

3.5mm extension cable - 36" long

3.5mm male to female mono/stereo extension cable - 6 feet long

3.5mm male to female extension cable – 12 feet long

Temporarily unavailable

3.5mm male to female extension cable – 25 feet long

3.5mm male to female extension cable – 50 feet long

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If you are looking for a USB court reporter microphones, please click here.

NEW! We are pleased to announce our newest high-powered microphone!

The Sound Professionals ultra-high sensitivity Omnidirectional microphone is very small – roughly 1/2″ in diameter 1/2″ long. Because of it’s ultra-high sensitivity, the microphone will pick up all of the sounds in any size conference or courtroom very well. The actual distance will vary, depending on the amplifier power of the recording device, the room acoustics and the loudness of the sounds you are recording, but you can expect a usable pickup range of at least 50 feet.

The microphone element is mounted in a high quality rugged black shell. The microphone cartridge is very rugged and hand crafted to give you many years of reliable, accurate recordings. The cable is terminated in a high quality male plug that plugs into all powered 3.5mm (1/8″) microphone inputs on Steno writers, digital recorders and standard computer microphone inputs. Important note on computer mic inputs – if your computer has a ‘combo’ input (that is used for a microphone and/or headphones in the same jack) instead of separate jacks for mic and headphones, you will need the optional computer adapter. If you are not going to use the mic with a computer, then you do not need the adapter.


  • Heavy-duty, ultra flexible cable for years of reliable use
  • Ultra-High Sensitivity for picking up all voices in small to large rooms with exceptional clarity
  • Can be used directly with recording device or computer that provides 1.5 to 12vdc “plug-in-power”


  • Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Cable length 39″ (other lengths also available – please call)
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz +/-1dB
  • Sensitivity: -24dB ±3dB @ 94dB SPL
  • S/N Ratio (1kHz, 94 dB input, A-weighted): 80dB
  • Self Noise: 14 dB SPL
  • Maximum SPL at 12vdc: 120dB
  • Dynamic Range: 132dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL
  • Impedance: 2.2 kOhms
  • Voltage range – 2vdc – 12vdc (48v on XLR version)
  • Current draw: 500 µA

Information for Court Reporters:

This product is compatible with any Steno machine writer. The following information applies to *any* Steno machine writer. We use the Luminex as an example, only:

The Luminex is a very popular and high quality Steno machine. The manual should be followed as written, however, the following information will help you to achieve the best possible results when recording audio with your writer. The recommendations below are intended as a way of fine-tuning the information found in the manual:

On page 44 of the manual, it states:

Microphone Gain – indicates the current gain setting for the microphone, 0 – 100%. If your microphone is battery powered, set the gain lower. A suggested starting point is 75 – 80%. If the microphone is not battery powered, set the gain higher. A suggested starting point is 95-100%.

These statements assume that battery powered microphones are more sensitive than non-battery powered microphones. This is not always the case. A battery powered microphone could be more sensitive, but merely being battery powered does not mean it is more sensitive (or powerful). An amplified microphone would be more sensitive, but these are extremely rare, and not recommend for devices that have microphone inputs, like the Luminex. In fact, the battery powering a microphone is redundant as the Luminex supplies the necessary power needed for most microphones. This is called microphone “plug in power”.

The microphones we supply to Stenograph for the Luminex do not have batteries and are properly powered by the ‘plug in power’ supplied by the Luminex. In fact, these microphones are more sensitive (powerful) than most battery powered microphones available today. So, they actually require a lower gain setting in the Luminex, not higher. With our ultra-high sensitivity microphones, we recommend a starting microphone gain of 50%

The manual goes on to say:

Setting this gain too high, may cause audio feedback. Press the – and + sensors as necessary to set the percent. A graphic bar indicates the selected level.”

This bar graph is divided into 3 colors – green, yellow and red. It is important to set the gain for the maximum recording level without overloading to get the clearest, strongest recording possible. The ideal recording level is achieved when the sounds you are recording cause the recording level indicator to illuminate the green and yellow segments. The red segments indicate overloading, so it is important that the red segments only illuminate occasionally.

If you hear feedback when monitoring with headphones, simply lower the headphone level until the feedback stops.

On page 43 of the user manual, it states:

Plug the microphone into the microphone jack on the back of the Luminex. Using a direct feed from a videographer to the microphone jack is not recommended since most of those feeds are line level (much higher) and not microphone level.”

If you need to connect a direct feed from a videographer, you can use this cable to reduce the signal down to a safe level that will not overload the mic input on the Luminex.

Weight 0.3 lbs

3.5mm extension cable - 36" long

Weight 0.1 lbs

3.5mm male to female mono/stereo extension cable - 6 feet long

Weight 0.1 lbs

3.5mm male to female extension cable – 12 feet long

Weight 0.1 lbs

3.5mm male to female extension cable – 25 feet long

Weight 0.1 lbs

3.5mm male to female extension cable – 50 feet long

Weight 0.1 lbs

2 reviews for Ultra-High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone – Made in USA

  1. Amy R.

    I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve purchased from Sound Professionals. Joe, your tech advisor, has been very, very helpful. This mic is the best for stenographers (writers).

  2. Amy Reckling

    Unfortunately, I’ve had to reach out to tech support multiple times, but every time that I have, my issues are resolved in no time, and it’s always something I’m doing wrong on my end, never the product. I’m extremely pleased with the product that I purchased for depositions. My audio is crystal clear, even better than if I was in person. I’m a very happy customer!!!

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