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Brand: Sound Professionals


USB to HRS Adapter – Use Your Audio Technica Wireless Essentialls (Hrs) Microphone with A Computer – Headhpone Amplifier Built-in For Live Monitoring

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This adapter will allow you to plug your Audio Technica Wireless Essentials microphone (with HRS plug) into computer. great way to get double-duty out of your microphone!

The USB adapter offers excellent sound quality and includes high quality headphone amplifier for realtime no-latency monitoring of the incoming audio signal.

Product is compatible with most Audio Technica Wireless Essentials microphones please specify which one you have in the order comments on the order confirmation page. If your mic is not compatible, we will contact you before processing your order.


-Headphone monitor jack with independent controls so you can hear what you are recording. Also serves as the headphone output for other audio sources. (The real-time headphone monitor is not activated with Mac).

-Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0

-PC and Mac compatible

Weight 0.3 lbs


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