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SP-IPHONE-MIC-RA – Closeout! Professional miniature mono Cardioid condenser microphone

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Special! Professional Uni-Directional (Cardioid) Microphone with removable windscreen for iPhone, iPad and other Smartphones

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Now available for most mobile devices and computers using 4-pole (TRRS) connector, this is professional miniature mono Cardioid (unidirectional) condenser microphone. The sound quality of this microphone far surpasses the built-in microphone on these devices and is great choice for making audio or video recordings, either pointed in reverse for narration, or pointed forward to pick up the sound of the subject with much less ambient sounds than the built in microphone.

This mic provides crisp, full-sounding voice or music pickup and excels as an instrument mic. Excellent gain before feedback and suppression of background noise. Note: When using the main camera, the microphone will not be seen in the video. When using the back camera, it will be seen in the picture.


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