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Brand: Sound Professionals


Deluxe Binaural microphones with optional interfaces for Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and Digital Recorders – Microphones Made in USA

New! This microphone bundle includes the SP-BMC-3 Sound Professionals Deluxe Binaural microphones. They  re very small – about the size of pencil eraser tip. The cable enters the rear of each mic capsule.

The microphone cartridges are very rugged and are hand crafted to insure lifetime of accurate recordings. The two microphone elements are each mounted in their own high quality rubber housing. The shielded cable is rugged – but thin and flexible.

Standard lapel-style clips that can be used to attach the microphones to various mounting surfaces are included.

These microphones are designed to plug into a 3.5mm (1/8″) standard powered stereo microphone input jack. These are common on many digital recorders. We offer several digital recorders here. If you don’t have a digital recorder, you can also use them with a Smartphone, Tablet or computer using one of the optional adapters.

Weight 0.5 lbs


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