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SP-MULTITRACK-4-USB – 4 channel low profile Multi-Track USB interface

Brand: Sound Professionals


4 channel Multi-Track USB interface for Court Reporters using Eclipse realtime software

This interface is designed for the Eclipse user in mind! With this interface, you can connect up to 8 microphones total (4 mono mics or 4 double mics), monitor what the microphones are picking up through headphones and record from all microphones on 4 separate tracks in Eclipse. You can adjust the level or mute any microphone using the Windows sound configuration tool. Mics in a pair will have the same level.

There are four 3.5mm (1/8″) microphone input jacks. Each jack will handle one or two microphones. Each jack provides “plug in power”, needed to power most small microphones. The optional microphones can be spread around room or table to evenly pickup sounds from up to 8 areas. The cable length can be selected on each mic.

The USB module includes advanced noise filtering and echo cancellation and offers a headphone amplifier that offers real-time monitoring of the sound begin recorded.

The setup is simplicity itself – load the driver on your computer (supplied) and connect the USB cable between the interface and USB port on your computer. There are NO batteries anywhere in this system.

Need help? No problem – we can remote into your computer and set this up for you if needed.

The audio quality of the interface is our best! It uses the same audio engine as our other popular USB microphones. It offer 30dB of microphone boost and our advanced noise filtering on each channel.


  • Input channels: Four mic inputs (supports 4 mono or 4 double mics for a total of 8)
  • Microphone Power Provided: 2.2K Ohms, 5 VDC
  • Rated Input Levels for full scale output: – 60 mV (rms)
  • Frequency Response (at max sample rate): 25 Hz to 19 kHz
  • Sampling Rate: 8, 11.025, 22.05, 44.1 and 48 kHz
  • Connectors: Four 3.5mm (1/8″) jacks
  • Interface: plugs into standard USB port
  • Power: USB Bus powered NO BATTERIES!

System requirements

  • Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) or above. Mac compatible also.
Weight 1 lbs


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