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Brand: Sound Professionals


The original stereo ‘Otter Box’ microphone, compatible with most portable recorders – see details for mic options and sizes

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The SP-OTTER-1 combines the functions of a high quality stereo omnidirectional microphone and a rugged water resistant case in one device. You can select the case size and microphone choice in the option boxes above.

This microphone can be plugged into any recorder (DAT, MiniDisc or analog) that supplies bias voltage of between 1.5 and 12 Volts DC at the microphone input jack, commonly known as “plug in power”. Many of the recorders on the market today include this feature. Simply insert your recorder into the case, plug the microphone cable into the mic input on the recorder, start recording and close the case. This setup is very inconspicuous and the stereo imaging is excellent.

The Sound Professionals microphone has an extended frequency response and very natural and accurate sound, providing deep, solid bass, smooth midrange and clean highs. It has a very wide dynamic range, and will handle very high sound pressure levels without distortion or clipping.

Made in the USA.

Frequency response graph:

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