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Brand: Sound Professionals


Stereo Pen Microphone. Compatible with Most Portable Digital Recorders (See Details)

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The Sound Professionals “Stealth” Pen Microphones are set of stereo Omnidirectional microphones very neatly contained inside two standard Papermate pens. The microphone cartridges are very rugged and designed to provide lifetime of accurate recordings. Several cable lengths are available choose the length you want from the option box above. The cable is very flexible, high quality cable that is terminated with right angle 1/8″ (3.5mm) stereo connector. The pens can be placed in the same pocket, or separated and placed in two different pockets for wider stereo separation.

This product is also available in mono model here.

There are two available microphone sensitivities. The low sensitivity option is for use in situations that will range from fairly quiet to extremely loud sounds. The high sensitivity option if for use in situations that will range from extremely quiet to moderately loud sounds.

Microphone Specifications:

    Signal To Noise Ratio: >62 dB, kHz at Pa Dynamic Range: 81dB without battery module, 95dB with battery moduleFrequency Response: 20 20,000 Hz +/- 1dBOpen Circuit Sensitivity: -35 dB (5.6 mV) re 1V at Pa Maximum Input Sound Level: 98 dB SPL, kHz at 1% T.H.D. (113dB with battery module)


    Flat frequency responseCan be used directly with recorder/mixer that has “plug-in-power” or with one of our battery modulesAlso available in mono version (See SP-PEN-1 page)

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