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Brand: Sound Professionals


Sidebar microphone amplifier and headphone monitor – USB powered

Looking for a way to listen to sidebar conferences with ease – without the need to get up and move closer? Would you also like the option to record this audio?

We have the answer!

Now, you can listen to the highest quality audio ever, with no hiss, no distortion and plenty of amplification. Our bundle includes:

The Behringer UM2 audio interface/amplifier. It is powered by USB from your computer.

Our very best Courtroom Boundary microphone model MS-COURT-BOUNDARY. Select the cable length you want in the option box above.

The Rode VXLR-PLUS XLR adapter to plug the microphone into the interface.

Optional items also available:

SP-ATEN-11 – attenuator cable to connect the output of the interface to a recording device (Steno writer, digital recorder, etc)

Headphones – Many to choose from at discounted prices (if you don’t already have a good pair)

Weight 2 lbs


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