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SP-SMARTPHONE-CABLE – Closeout! Smartphone/iPhone cable for headphones – see details

Brand: Sound Professionals

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Closeout! Smartphone/iPhone cable for headphones with 3.5mm (1/8″) removable cables to make/receive phone calls with your headphones – 1 Meter Cable

This cable has professional quality “mini-boom” microphone built into it so that you can make and receive phone calls while using your headphones. The 4 pole phone connector is compatible with all Smartphones and iPhones with 4 pole plug. The other end (that plugs into the headphones) is compatible with all stereo headphones that have flush mounted stereo 3.5mm (1/8″) minijack. It will not work with headphones that have a recessed jack. The headphones in the photo are not ATH-M50x, they are modified ATH-M50 headphones.
If call comes in while you are listening to music, simply answer it as you normally would, right on the phone. No need to take off the headphones! The sound quality of the microphone meets or exceeds the quality that you will get with the phone’s built-in microphone. This setup also works as computer/gaming headset with computers that have single 4-pole headset jack.
Cable length 1 meter.
Weight 0.1 lbs


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