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Brand: Sound Professionals


Microphone power supply with 9v power and optional bass roll off

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Premium Battery Module

This battery module is recommended when you need to use our small microphones in high SPL situations. The case of this battery module is made of lightweight black ABS plastic.

This will power your microphones with 9 volts of bias power (sometimes called “plug in power”). Most small Electret Condenser microphones will enjoy improved high SPL performance with this higher power, since most portable recorders only provide about 3-5 volts plug in power at the mic input.

New now available with built-in microphones! With this option, a pair of omnidirectional microphones are built right into either side of the case. So, when no external mics are plugged in, the built in mics are active and you have high quality powered stereo microphone. When you plug in your external mics, the unit works like a typical microphone power supply and the internal mics are defeated. NOTE: You *must* select removable cable option when selecting the built-in microphone option.

Read this FAQ which explains why you may need battery module or mic preamp for your situation.

Optional Bass Roll-off:
An optional selectable bass roll off (bass reduction) filter is built in which provides seven different bass roll-off frequencies to choose from, with independent switches for each channel. The bass roll off is used when the material to be recorded has excessive bass content and allows the user to adjust the bass response of the mic system accordingly. The selectable frequencies are 16Hz (no bass roll off), 69Hz, 95Hz, 107Hz, 160Hz, 195Hz and 888Hz.


    Dimensions: 1″ x 2″ x 3.9″ (2.54cm 5.08cm 9.91cm)

    Uses standard volt long life battery, included

      Small, lightweight case

      Power module has 300-500 hour battery life, depending on microphones used

      – 24 inch output cable (removable or permanently attached)

    Weight 0.5 lbs


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