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Micro-mini 12v stereo microphone power supply

Brand: Sound Professionals
(6 customer reviews)

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Micro-mini microphone power supply with mini 12vdc battery and 24 inch hardwired output cable

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Attenuator - use this in high SPL situations to avoid overloading the microphone input on your recording device


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This battery module is recommended when you need to use our small microphones in high SPL situations. The case of the mini battery module is made of lightweight black ABS plastic.

This product will power your microphones with 12 volts of bias power (sometimes called “plug in power”). Most small Electret Condenser microphones will enjoy improved high SPL performance with this higher power, since most portable recorders only provide about volts plug in power at the mic input.


  • Dimensions: .8″ x 1.38″ x 1.97″
  • Small, lightweight case
  • Power module has 30-50 hour battery life, depending on microphones used
  • 24″ output cable with 3.5mm stereo mini plug
  • Uses small A23 type 12v battery (one is supplied with product)
  • Note: If you are recording loud sounds and connecting to a device with a microphone input (not a line input), you will also need the optional attenuator cable to avoid overloading the mic input on your recording device
Weight 0.3 lbs

Attenuator - use this in high SPL situations to avoid overloading the microphone input on your recording device

Weight .5 lbs

6 reviews for Micro-mini 12v stereo microphone power supply

  1. Patrick S.

    So far, I am impressed. I had a chance to try out the SP power supply last weekend with my old Oade micro mics. It powered the mics without fail. I recorded an outdoor show, however, the wind obscured the sound so much; it is hard to discern the actual quality of the recording. I have another opportunity to try this rig again next week. I will update my previous Amazon review to reflect what I learn from this next recording. On the unit itself, it’s beautifully made and so much smaller and lighter than the original power supply that I bought with the mics, some 20 odd years ago.

  2. osurfer (verified owner)

    Works extremely well in powering small microphones. Very solid build quality, and very compact. Ideal for low profile situations.

  3. roy leinfuss (verified owner)

    it is small,lite does a great job powering my microphones. and the whole rig set up sounds incredibly amazing. best thing is i can walk through a walk through or wanding un detected…. a lot less hassle than my previous,competition set up… i got everything because of my friends suggestion, happier than hell with this, heers to Sound Professionals, you should win the nobel peace prize for sound!!!!!

  4. gravenblackheart (verified owner)

    I’ve only taken these mics (with the battery box) out twice, but I’ve been extremely pleased with the results. There’s maybe a little bit of distortion at the very upper ends of the volume I was asking them to record, but it’s barely perceptible and at regular volumes the sound is spectacular. As far as I can tell, both items are small and lightweight enough to avoid setting off detectors too, which is nice. Couldn’t be happier with these, and I recommend them highly!

  5. shane.lowe6989 (verified owner)

    I love how light the battery box is. It’s super small and portable, and The Sound Professionals took time with me on the phone to choose the right products. I took it out with a set of the SP CMC-4U microphones last weekend, and the recording did come out pretty distorted though. I suspect this was actually because of the mic input on my Zoom H1E as opposed to the battery box, however, so if you’re recording loud audio or music make sure to record into a line-level input or buy microphones with decreased sensitivity!

  6. Erick Eickhoff (verified owner)

    Small, lightweight, and easy to use. Worked well for my first concert recording off my phone when paired with an SP-CMC-2, attenuator, and USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. The female jack can be a little difficult to get a plug seated into without looking.

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