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Brand: Sound Professionals


USB High Sensitivity Omni or Cardioid Lapel Microphone – Includes lapel microphone, USB Audio Adapter, Windscreen and Lapel Clip


The Sound Professionals mono Lavaliere omni-directional or cardioid microphone is very small about the size of pencil eraser tip (roughly 1/4″ in diameter 1/2″ long ). The microphone element is mounted in high quality brass shell covered in tough black rubber. The microphone cartridge is very rugged and hand crafted to insure lifetime of accurate recordings. The 1 meter cable is terminated in 3.5mm (1/8″) gold plated right angle male connector.

The removable lavaliere clip can be used to attach the microphone to small mounting surface. removable premium foam windscreen is also included.

The mic plugs into the USB adapter which will plug right into your computer’s USB port. This combination will provide better quality audio than plugging mic directly into the mic input of the computer. You will hear better quality audio, less noise, cleaner sound and more amplification. Upgrading to the pro model USB adapter offers more available amplification for more demanding situations.

The standard USB adapter is the right choice for most purposes. The premium model has improved audio quality and slightly greater available amplification. The Andrea professional audio adapter has the best audio quality with significantly more available amplification and includes adjustable noise reduction software.


    – Flat frequency response

    – Premium windscreen included

    – Lapel clip included

    – Compatible with all Windows and Mac operating systems

    – LED status light gives positive indication when you are recording

Details on the microphone here

Details on the USB adapter here

Weight 0.5 lbs


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