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Universal Zoom cable kit (cables only)

Brand: Sound Professionals, The Sound Professionals


The universal Zoom cable kit – includes the cables needed for most Zoom systems.

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This universal Zoom cable kit includes the following cables:

Qty 1 – SP-SPSC-7-13027 – 36″ Patch cable to connect the Zoom computer to the CAT computer

Qty 1 – SP-SSA-2S – Y cable (splitter) to allow you to split the audio from Zoom to make a backup recording using a writer or digital recorder

Qty 1 – SP-SPSC-7-72 – 72″ Patch cable to connect from the splitter above and connect to a writer or digital recorder

Qty 1 – SP-USB-EXT-72 – USB extension cable to extend USB devices when needed

Qty 1 – SP-COMPUTER-Y-CABLE – Splitter to use a cellphone as Zoom audio source

Qty 1 – ATR3350iS-ADAPTER – Adapter to connect battery powered and wireless microphones with smartphones, iPhone/iPad and computer combo jacks

Weight 1 lbs


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