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SP-ZOOM-KIT-EZ – Pre-wired ZOOM system for 2 computers with backup cable

Brand: Sound Professionals
(4 customer reviews)


Complete pre-wired ZOOM recording kit to join and record a ZOOM (or any other) teleconference – compatible with all CAT programs and Windows computers

If you like, you can upgrade your kit with a different headset or microphone/speaker bundle

JBL-QUANTUM-200 - Noise filtering headset with mute switch

Wired Over-Ear Zoom Video conferencing Headphones - Black

SP-HEADSET-MINI-2 - Mini computer headset

Comfortable High Fidelity Stereo PC Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone

AT831 lapel mic and speakers bundle

Uni-Directional (Cardioid) Lapel Microphone with rotating clip and windscreen and Portable USB powered Wired Speakers pair, Black

MS-MMM-1-KIT-PRO-72-SP-EARBUDS-5-EH - Omnidirectional microphone, cable and earbuds bundle

High gain, ultra-high sensitivity Steno machine and laptop mini omnidirectional microphone, Professional Cable and accessory kit and high-definition earbuds for extended range audio - Deep, strong bass response; Smooth, detailed, natural mids; silky highs with earhooks

Note: If you are using a Mac for the Zoom computer, or the same computer for Zoom and CAT, we recommend this Zoom system instead.

Recording connection kit to join and record all participants of a ZOOM, GoToMeeting or other teleconference – compatible with all CAT programs and computers.

This kit includes the connections you need to take part in a Teleconference and record the audio from the all participants (including yourself) into your CAT (or other) audio recording program. Computers are not included.

If you would like to *also* make a backup recording into your Steno writer or digital recorder, you can plug the included backup cable into your writer or digital recorder to do this. This recording is in addition to the real-time recording you are making in your CAT program.

Weight 2 lbs

4 reviews for SP-ZOOM-KIT-EZ – Pre-wired ZOOM system for 2 computers with backup cable

  1. Caryn Keilman

    I work as a freelance court reporter. I used this zoom kit for two remote videoconference depositions for the first time today. This product is unbelievable. I could hear everything the attorneys and witness said very clearly without static or background noise. The audio is very clear. This product is a game changer.

  2. Laura Nichols

    Previously I would be stressed at the end of the day after straining to make out every word while reporting sometimes garbled audio on Zoom depos. After finally deciding on the EZ Zoom system, getting it installed properly and having Joe and Chris tweak all the settings to be ideal, it is a game changer. Bring on the Zoom depos! Yay! (Equipment: Luminex II, two Thinkpads and Zoom Kit.

  3. D Kilgalen

    Recorded sound from Zoom meetings is awesome. As a court reporter navigating our new virtual world, I believe this is going to be a game changer for certain!

  4. Alan Peacock

    I was looking for a simple solution to recording Zoom depositions. This product was perfect. It’s simple to use and they assemble it for you and label the parts. You only have to download drivers and you’re set. I was having an issue when I tested, so I contacted customer support and they were supportive, patient, understanding and kind. My issue turned out to be my fault, but the service personnel didn’t make me feel stupid about it, and he had every opportunity. But it works great. It’s simple to use. And I love it. I’m Zooming now….

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