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Complete Zoom Hybrid Recording System

Brand: Sound Professionals


Complete system to join and record a remote teleconference (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.), as well as record live speakers in a room!

Optional Products:

If you need to provide headphones for everyone, add:

  • Additional headphones (ATH-P1), a headphone amplifier (ROLLS-HA204) and patch cable (SP-SPSC-7-12-ST)


  • A set of speakers (SP-SPEAKERS-2) and splitter (SP-SSA-2S)

ATH-P1 - Lightweight headphones

Lightweight Open-back Dynamic Stereo Headphones


Portable Battery/AC Operated Headphone Amplifier

SP-SPSC-7-12-ST - 3.5mm patch cable with two male plugs - 12" long

Gold plated 3.5mm (1/8 inch) to 3.5mm (1/8 inch) mono/stereo patch cable - also great for patching iPod to sound systems - 12 inch length

SP-SPEAKERS-2 - Stereo computer speakers

Portable USB powered Wired Speakers pair, Black

SP-SSA-2S - Stereo 3.5mm splitter cable

Dual 1/8 inch Female Stereo Jacks to Single Stereo 1/8 inch Male Plug


Recording connection kit to join and record all participants of a ZOOM, GoToMeeting or other teleconference – compatible with all CAT programs and computers.

This kit includes the connections you need to take part in a Teleconference and record the audio from the all participants (including yourself) into your CAT (or other) audio recording program. Computers are not included.

This system will allow you to connect remotely using 2 computers and also have up to 4 people (including yourself) in-person with you, and each person will have a microphone. More microphones can be added if needed – contact us.

This system includes the following items:

  • Qty 1 – ATH-P1 – Audio Technica ultra-lightweight headphones
  • Qty 2 – SP-USB-AUDIO-ADAPTER – Sound Professionals miniature universal plug and play USB audio adapter
  • Qty 4 – MS-MMM-1-UHS – Ultra-high sensitivity omnidirectional miniature microphones
  • Qty 4 – SP-MIC-PLATE-2 – microphone mounting plates
  • Qty 2 – SP-SPSC-9-72 – High quality shielded microphone extension cable – 6 feet long
  • Qty 2 – SP-SPSC-11-12 – High quality shielded microphone extension cable – 12 feet long
  • Qty 1 – SP-SPSC-7-13027 – High quality shielded audio patch cable – 3 feet long
  • Qty 1 – SP-SPSC-7-15561 – High quality shielded audio patch cable – 2 feet long
  • Expert technical support included – click here.
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