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WindTech Windscreen – 1/8″ (3-Pack) – Black

Brand: Windtech

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3 Pack – 2500 Series Windscreen, Inside Diameter .125″ / 3mm – Black

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The WindTech 2500 Series Foam Windscreen – 1/8″ Inside Diameter (Black) from Olsen Audio uses a proprietary non-heat manufacturing process and a specially developed hypo-allergenic, open-cell acoustical foam, which allows sound to come through clearly without altering the microphone’s frequency response. The windscreen eliminates wind noise, pop noises, and breath sounds, while protecting the sensitive microphone from dust, damp, and physical damage. This windscreen, which comes in black color, has an inside diameter of 0.125″ (3mm), inside depth of 0.312″ (8mm), an overall height of 0.515″ (13mm), and an overall diameter of 0.359″ (9mm).

  • The 2500 Series Windscreen will fit:

    Audio-Technica: AT899

    Beyerdynamic: MCE55

    Countryman: B3, E6i (with Countryman Frequency Caps)

    DPA: 4060, 4061, 4062, 4063, 4066, 4067, 4071, 4088

    Electro-Voice: RE97TX

    Sennheiser: MKE2, HS2, HSP2

    Shure: WL50

    Sony: ECM77, ECM88

    Special Projects: SP5254, SP5255
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