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Instructions for setting up and using the SP-ZOOM-PRO


Please reference the following photos when assembling your kit. We will reference ZOOM in the instructions, however, the same instructions apply if you are using a different Teleconferencing program. On all connections, make sure they the male plugs are fully inserted into the female jacks.

Reference photo for SP-ZOOM-PRO:

Please follow these steps:

1 – Download the instruction manual for the Presonus interface here – some of the inputs and features on the interface will not be used for Zoom. Please feel free to reference the manual as needed as you perform the following steps.

2 – Download the install the Universal Control driver here

3 – Insert the male end of the 1/4″ headphone adapter into the female headphone jack on the back of the interface (the headphone input is not shown in the photo)

4 – If you are using a headset/headphones, insert the male end of the 12″ extension cable into the female end of the 1/4″ headphone adapter from step #3. Insert the headphone plug from the headset/headphones into the female end of the 12″ extension cable. If you are using speakers, plug the speakers directly into the female end of the 1/4″ headphone adapter.

5 – If you are using a headset, insert the microphone plug from the headset into the female end of the BOYA XLR adapter. If you are using a lapel microphone, insert the male plug from the lapel microphone into the female end of the BOYA XLR adapter.

6 – Align the male pins in the BOYA connector with the microphone XLR connector on the interface labeled “1” and fully insert the BOYA adapter into the interface.

7 – Select the USB cable based on the USB connection on your computer that you want to use and connect the USB cable between the USB connection on the back of the interface and your computer.

8 – If you ordered the optional backup cable, insert both 1/4″ male plugs into the 1/L and 2/R connections on the back of the interface and the 1/8″ male end of the backup cable into the microphone or line input of your backup recording device (your writer or digital recorder). On the front panel, raise the “Main” control knob to about half (12 o’clock). Adjust this as needed to get a good level in your backup recording device.

9 – Set the controls on the front of the interface as shown below (this is a starting point only). Press the 48V button so that it is illuminated (on):

10 – Open the program “Universal Control” and change the settings as needed to match this screen on the control panel:

11 – We recommend that you open a ZOOM conference with a friend and experiment with the levels. Make sure you select the Presonus for the microphone input device and speaker output device.

12 – Open your CAT recording program and select the Presonus interface as the recording input device. Please adjust your levels so that you are able to hear the other ZOOM participants, they can hear you and everyone is recorded clearly. Please do this well in advance of your first important ZOOM meeting.

13 – If you are making a backup recording as noted in step 8, adjust the “Main” control on the front panel as needed to get a good level into your backup device without overloading.


If you need assistance, please contact us here.

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