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Thank you for considering our dealer/re-seller program. Below you will find details on how this program works. You can use this program to stock our products and ship them to your customers yourself, or to have us ship them to your customers directly (called “Drop-Shipping”). Here are some important points to consider:

  • A dealer account allows you to buy Sound Professionals and Master Series by Sound Professionals brand products at attractive discounts (typically 25% to 35% below MAP pricing) and sell them at a profit. We do not sell other brands at dealer prices.
  • Drop-Shipping products allows you to stock nothing…..we stock the products for you.
  • There is no cost to sign-up.
  • With drop shipping, you don’t pay for any product until you have already sold it to your customer. Once you have completed a sale, you go onto our website, please the order, pay for it and we ship it to your customer directly. You never have to handle any products.
  • Your invoice is emailed to you directly when you place the order.
  • You can track your orders on our website directly.
  • Coupons and FREE shipping offers do NOT apply to drop shipping dealers. If a coupon of free shipping is applied to an order, the order will be adjusted before it ships. However, if making a large stocking order, we will ship free – call for details.
  • You can sell items on any selling channel you like. We reserve the right to make changes to this if necessary.
  • You can advertise the items you want to sell using any media form at any price you want to, as long as it is not less than the MAP (minimum advertised price) as shown on our website. We do not tolerate violators of the MAP policy. Any violation will result in the cancellation of a dealers account. The “A” in MAP refers to any form of advertising, including, but not limited to, an advertised price in any type of media, an automated price given in a shopping cart, and any automated E-mail price quote. We reserve the right to alter this policy as needed.
  • To create an account, simply create an account here. Complete the form and send an email to when you are finished. We will activate your reseller account and then, when you login again, you will see your dealer pricing.

If you have any questions about our re-seller program, please send us an email.

The Sound Professionals, Inc.
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