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AN-SUPERBEAM-MIC – Soundmax Array microphone

Brand: Andrea Communications

Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $19.95.

Superbeam Soundmax Array Microphone – great for voice over IP


Superbeam SoundMAX Array Microphone

Andrea Electronics digital microphone products and technologies enable more accurate and reliable communication as well as high performance speech recognition in noisy office environments.

Product Features

– Compatible with most stereo digital audio recorders (with plug in power mic inputs), and Andrea USB-SA audio adapter (will not work with mono microphone inputs)

– Sleek, stylish two-microphone design (4.3 inches length, 1.7 inches width, 0.9 inches deep). Unsurpassed in performance. Unprecedented price point.

– The Andrea Array is far-field, 2-microphone array with stereo output.

– Offers the highest quality and performance of low cost upgrade over single element microphone.

– Small size for unobtrusive mounting on monitor or laptop.

– Specifically designed for use with Andrea DSDA, and PureAudio noise reduction software running on the host processor to enable untethered:

– Continuous Speech Recognition

– Command and Control

– Voice over IP Internet Telephony

– Andreas DSDA and PureAudio noise canceling algorithms allow for superior audio quality by cancelling out background noise resulting in increased intelligibility of communications.

– Compatible with Andreas AudioCommander audio interface software to optimize multimedia control applications. AudioCommander is available at


Acoustic Characteristics

Microphone configuration: Two unidirectional microphones with individual channels to stereo output

Recommended operating distance: 12 inches 48 inches (Varies with application)

Acoustic signal reduction at 1 KHz and 180 degrees: 10 dB

Electrical Characteristics

Mic bias Supply Voltage for rated sensitivity: VDC

Operating Mic bias Supply Voltage Range (with up to dB sensitivity variation): 2.5 to VDC

Supply series resistor: KOhms plus/minus 0.5K

Operating Current (each channel): 0.6 mA

Output Impedance at KHz: less than 200 Ohms

Max SPL Input at KHz: 115 dB (3 percent THD at 3.7V)

Max Output (THD less than percent at 1 KHz): 120 mV rms

Sensitivity (Re: 1V at 0.1 Pa): -44 dB, plus/minus dB

Frequency Response: 50 Hz 8000 Hz

Noise: 20 uV

Connector: Stereo TRS 3.5 mm plug, left mic power and left audio on tip, right mic power and right audio on ring. Sleeve common ground.


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