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Brand: Audio Technica


UE-UL – Uniline (Mini Shotgun) Microphone Element and Windscreen, 90 Degree Pick-Up Pattern – Fits 853 and 857 Series Microphones_

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Four different interchangeable mic elements are available, each with it’s own pickup pattern. This interchangeable Shotgun mic element fits the U853, AT853, AT933 and AT943 Premium Cardioid and Premium Slimline microphones. Note for owners of the Premium Slimline (AT943 and AT933) microphones: The Shotgun, Hyper-cardioid, Cardioid and Omnidirectional elements of this series also need the adapter (part# AT-ADAPT) to fit on the Premium Slimline (AT943 and AT933) mics. Note: Remember to order two elements if you want stereo set. Here is .pdf file with more information.

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