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CourtCaster – The best way to record Podcasts and remote ZOOM conferences

Brand: Centrance
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CourtCaster – The best way to record Podcasts and remote ZOOM conferences



EASIEST ZOOM™ CALL RECORDER – Record 3 types of conversations: In-person, Over the phone and Online (over Zoom™, Teams™, Skype™, etc.) – Mixer, Recorder, USB-C Interface with Limiter and 3-way Interview Wizard. Perfect for Court Reporters that want the highest quality audio recordings into their CAT program!

Building on our award-winning MixerFace, CourtCaster is ideal for taking interviews. Developed specifically for Court Reporters, who need to interview people over Zoom, CourtCaster is also great for podcasters, broadcasters, and talk show hosts.

Our award-winning MixerFace is optimized for Music. PortCaster is optimized for Voice. CourtCaster adds a 3-way Interview Feature and makes it easy to interview people 1) In person, 2) Over the phone and 3) Online — over Zoom™ and other video conferencing platforms.

  • Capture sound anywhere with CourtCaster — a studio-quality recorder and streaming interface for smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Featuring two boutique, low-noise Jasmine™ microphone preamps with 48V phantom power, it transforms your smartphone into a full-featured portable podcasting studio, interview machine or live streaming device.
  • Complete with two independent limiters, low cuts and a mix-minus phone patch to add a guest over the phone, CourtCaster creates an end-to-end mobile recording solution for any one who needs to have flexibility in taking interview: not just Court Reporters, but also Podcasters, Journalists, Videographers and Talk Show hosts.
  • Our products are used by Radio Stations and Houses of Worship to stream live events. CourtCaster is a sturdy, compact, powerful audio interface for your phone, tablet of computer. It works with Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux.
  • CourtCaster Takes power from USB-C and can be powered from a 5V charger or a power bank, so you can use it on the desktop or in the field. It includes a built-in, “one-button record”, stereo micro-SD card recorder for extra flexibility and recording redundancy.
  • Dual recording mode: Stream to social media online, using your phone, and also record a copy of your program to the internal SD card recorder, for safety and easy access. Or record your audio to both places at once, for redundancy and peace of mind.
  • The InstaMONO blend knob lets you select if the output is stereo (mics panned L/R) or mono (mics panned center). We designed this feature at the request of Instagram live streamers. Instagram sound is mono, so typically the right channel is lost. CourtCaster solves this problem. The InstaMONO blend knob allows you to stream both channels to social media sites. Note: The mono blend signal is fed to the USB output and also to the SD card. However, for flexibility, the line output is always stereo (this lets you have multiple routing options).

CourtCaster is a mobile audio interface for Zoom (and other remote software) and conducting interviews. With this handheld, portable recorder you can interview people in person, over the phone and online. That means you can record your calls over Zoom™, Teams™, Skype™, etc. CourtCaster makes you and the other party sound clear. It is easy to use and is durable, which saves you time and money. CourtCaster lets you take interviews anywhere!

CourtCaster with Microphone
CourtCaster let’s you record Zoom calls.

Designed at the request of Court Reporters, CourtCaster allows to conduct remote interviews over Zoom. It also lets you record a phone call with your cell phone. But that’s not all! You can also record professional, in-person interviews with two mics!


Our new Jasmine™ mic preamps feature 65dB of low-noise gain and support all professional mics. Featuring analog limiters, mix-minus with a phone patch for remote guests, SD recorder, mono blend for streaming, and much more, CourtCaster is small and portable, allowing you to work anywhere!

Famous Musicians use our products to record album tracks. Top Voice-over actors use them to record on-air spots and promos. Radio journalists use them for interviews. Houses of Worship use them to stream services on social media. Podcasters use them to record all over the world. Get CourtCaster today, you’ll love it or your money back!


PortCaster Discrete Mic Preamp

Discrete Mic Preamps

Sound quality starts with the Mic preamps. The improved version of our acclaimed Jasmine™ Mic Preamp features a custom, discrete transistor differential input stage. 65 dB of clean, low-noise gain makes it easy to use any condenser or dynamic microphone, including SM7B, RE20, etc.

Dual Optical Limiters

To help better control recording levels, CourtCaster features independent, soft-knee optical limiters for both Host and Guest, for a truly professional sound. Analog photovoltaic limiters are superior to their digital counterparts, as they can subtly catch the audio peaks early, preventing nasty digital clipping.


Mix-minus for call-ins

CourtCaster lets you record phone conversations with highest sound quality. It includes a technology called Mix-minus, used to prevent annoying audio feedback from traveling back to the caller through the phone line.  Just connect your phone and dial up your guest! They will hear you loud and clear.

Convenient Mono Blend

Interviewing locally and streaming your calls? No problem! CourtCaster’s mono blend knob (Insta-MONO) can combine both input channels, so that your online audience can hear both participants. Even stereo music or sound effects on Aux 3/4 can be mixed down to mono, if needed.

Streaming Services

Ultimate Mobile Recorder

CourtCaster is small and easy to use. It takes power from USB-C chargers or power banks, which are available everywhere. We designed it to offer reliable service in the field. The case is made from lightweight aluminum and the tactile controls make adjustments quick and easy. The built-in SD recorder, combined with our custom XY stereo mics turns CourtCaster into a professional, high-quality mobile recorder.


  • Record to: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, laptops, phones and tablets
  • Live stream to most social media platforms and conferencing applications
  • Supported by most smartphone, tablet and computer recording apps
  • High Dynamic Range Jasmine Mic Pres™ offer plenty of clean gain
  • Clean, true 48V phantom power for using professional condenser mics
  • Two Neutrik™ XLR jacks for mic, line or instrument sources
  • TRRS input for connecting a phone to add a remote guest to your podcast
  • High Pass Filter to cut the wind noise when recording on location
  • MONO Blend control to mix your podcast down to MONO for streaming
  • Stereo Aux input allows you to add background music or sound effects to your podcast
  • VelvetSound™ A-to-D converters record your audio in studio quality
  • DSLR-ready line/mic output for a radical improvement in audio quality


  • Adjustable Zero Latency Monitor control for dialing in the perfect mix
  • Custom AmpExtreme™ headphone amp offers clarity, detail and volume
  • Stereo Line output for flexible monitoring and connecting a DSLR camera
  • Great headphone amp for hearing your recordings loudly and clearly


  • Gets power from any standard, 5V / 2.4A USB charger or power bank. No custom power supply needed.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum chassis for scratch protection and durability
  • Included SD card recorder simultaneously records to SD-card and the connected phone/laptop
  • SD card, phone and outputs  are all fed the same stereo mix for redundancy
  • Optional pair of XY Stereo microphones offers low noise and flat response


Phantom power
48 V, 10 mA max per channel
Mic Preamplifier Gain
+0 dB…+65 dB
Mic input impedance
1 kOhm
High Pass Filter
130 Hz, 6 dB/octave roll-off
Freq. Response
20 Hz…20 kHz ±0.5 dB
-127 dB
Crosstalk, 1kHz
-95 dB
Aux 3/4 max input level
2.2 V rms / +9.2 dBu, rel 0 dB FS
Line-level output
1.8 V rms / +7.1 dBu, rel 0 dB FS
Output Impedance
1 Ohm (headphone output)
Headphone output power
400 mW (total) at 32 Ohm
Supported Headphones
16…600 Ohm
Gain Switch
46 dB pad (set low to feed DSLR)


Resolution, USB
16-bit, 24-bit
Sample Rate, USB
44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.2 kHz, 192 kHz
Two custom, mil-spec clocks, 10 ppm precision, 1 ps jitter
iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Linux, PC. Driver is available for Windows
USB jacks
USB-C type
Micro SD Card
Use Class 10 or better, up to 256GB capacity micro SD card
Recorder specs
Independent of the USB output, internal recorder operates at 24-bit/48kHz
Recorded files
Stereo WAV files


Mic Preamps
Jasmine™ technology, dual-stage, discrete transistor differential mic preamplifier
Dual Limiters
Dual, independent, photovoltaic limiter/compressors, with soft-knee transfer function
Headphone Amp
AmpExtreme™ technology with bipolar power supply
Power Adapter
Supports standard 5 Volt chargers / adapters / power banks with a USB-C cable
DC Power
+5 V from USB adapter, such as iPad charger. 2 A or more recommended
Analog Supplies
Battery-isolated, triple-filtered ±7 V analog power supply rails
Digital Supplies
Five independent, high-efficiency switch-mode power supplies
Chassis Material
Aircraft-grade aluminum, hard-anodized for scratch resistance, black
Unit Dimensions
121 mm (4.76″) (L), 70 mm (2.76″) (W), 36 mm (1.42″) (H)
Unit Weight
260 grams (9.1 ounces)
Box Dimensions
161 mm (6.33″) (L), 111 mm (4.37″) (W), 42 mm (1.65″) (H)
Box Weight
455 grams (1 lb)
Included accessories
Quick Start Guide, Velvet carry pouch, Cable for charging or USB audio. Note: Micro SD Card not included.
Specifications subject to change without notice as we continue to improve the product and production process


0) What’s the difference between PortCaster, CourtCaster and MixerFace?

A: Quite simply, MixerFace is for Music and PortCaster is for Voice. MixerFace has such musician-friendly features as High Impedance inputs (DI for guitar/bass), Balanced Outputs for connecting Studio monitors, etc. PortCaster on the other hand, offers limiters, Phone patch, Mix-minus, and other broadcast-friendly features. CourtCaster is very similar to PortCaster. It adds the ability to record both sides of the Zoom call.

1) Q: What capacity SD card can be used with CourtCaster?

A: We have tested micro SD cards with up to 256GB capacity with no issues.
Tip: Format the card using the PortCaster formatting procedure to ensure most reliable results.

2) Q: How do I speed up file transfer from SD card to the computer?

A: For fastest transfer speeds, insert SD card into your computer and perform a copy operation.

3) Q: Pressing Record button results in flashing orange LED. What is wrong with my SD card?

A: Use SD Card formatting procedure described in the Quick Start Guide to properly format the card for operation.

4) Q: Can I use a power bank to power CourtCaster? If so, what would be the requirements of this power bank?

A: Yes. You can use any power bank with USB output — size is not important as long as it’s above 5000 mAh. Most power banks are above 10,000 mAh these days.

5) Q: My CourtCaster is not recognized by my USB device

A: Check that you are connecting CourtCaster via the correct USB port. There are two USB ports on the device. One for power (lightning bolt symbol) and one for USB audio connection (the USB symbol).

6) Q: Can you record to a USB device and the built-in SD card recorder at the same time?

A: Yes. CourtCaster offers the ability to record to both places at the same time. They are completely independent for safety and redundancy. 

7) Q: Can the sample rate of the built-in SD card recorder be changed?

A: Recordings made to the SD card recorder are fixed at 24bit/48kHz, which is a broadcast standard. Recorder produces Stereo WAV Files.

8) Q: What sample rates does CourtCaster support via USB?

A: Via USB, CourtCaster supports the following sampling rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz & 192 kHz.

9) Q: What is the SIM tool for?

A: The SIM card extractor tool included with your CourtCaster is for accessing the recessed switches on your unit. Use it to turn on 48V phantom power, or activate the high pass filter, for example. Switches are recessed to avoid accidental adjustment.

10) Q: Does CourtCaster have an app?

A: CourtCaster doesn’t need an app. It’s simple to use and can be operated entirely from its front panel. Use it with any app you want.
Examples of 3-rd party recording apps include: Audio Evolution (iOS/Android), Auria Pro (iOS), Garageband (iOS), Field Recorder (Android) and Twisted Wave (iOS). On Mac and PC, Audacity is an easy and free app.

11) Q: Will CourtCaster work with Android device?

A: Most Android devices 3 years old or newer should work fine. The phone must support USB audio (not just charging). If your phone has USB C ports, this usually means that the phone is newer and should work. We recommend flagship phone models that support external USB audio devices. The following site has a good list of phones known to support USB audio devices: (scroll down to “Supported Android devices”)

12) Q: Does CourtCaster take power from the connected Android phone?

A: No, CourtCaster does not draw any power from the connected phone, which lets the phone’s battery run longer. CourtCaster has a separate USB-C jack for connecting power, if needed.

13) Q: May I leave CourtCaster permanently plugged in to the charger?

A: Yes. CourtCaster may be permanently plugged in to a USB charger, or a computer’s USB port. CourtCaster will not be harmed.

14) Q: With Windows 7 and 10, Playback works, but recording doesn’t work. OR: My app does not work with CourtCaster.

A: Recording and Playback sample rates must match. Open Windows Sound Control Panel. In the Advanced settings, set format to 24-bit with your desired sample rate for playback settings and select identical values for recording settings. Here is a tech note that describes this in detail: It is written for MixerFace, but also applies to CourtCaster.

15) Q: To hear myself clearly on playback I have to turn the monitor all the way to the max.

A: Find the knob labelled CH <-> USB in the middle of the channel strip. This is the “blend” control and it lets you adjust the mix between your voice and the sound coming from the computer. Turn that knob counter-clockwise to get more microphone in the headphones. Turn it clockwise to hear more USB return signal. Return signal is useful when you are narrating over background music, listening to a producer cue on a remote broadcast, etc. Also, turn the blend knob to the USB side when you want to hear playback of something you just recorded.

16) Q: Does Skype work with CourtCaster on iOS?

A: Skype supports external audio interfaces on Mac and Windows and works with CourtCaster. However, Skype does not support external audio interfaces under iOS. This is due to US privacy laws around recording telephone conversations. So Skype doesn’t presently work with CourtCaster on iOS.

We have verified that Zoom conferencing for iOS does support external audio devices, so CourtCaster works well with Zoom online conferencing on iPhone, iPad, etc.

Quick Start Guides:

Weight 2 lbs

1 review test for CourtCaster – The best way to record Podcasts and remote ZOOM conferences

  1. MelissaMT

    I needed a device that would provide the best sound and recording quality for remote proceedings. I am beyond pleased with the sound quality and ease of use of the Court Caster. The video that is on the website is very well done and is easy to follow. It was all I needed to set up the Court Caster properly, and Chris was so responsive in answering my questions via email before I made my purchase. The Court Caster provides the best sound for hearing and recording remote proceedings!

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