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Brand: Sound Professionals


Low Noise Ear-Hook Binaural Microphones

The SP-EHB-2 Sound Professionals Ear-Hook Binaural microphones are mounted in extremely comfortable super-soft, Ear Hook holders that slip right onto the outside of the ear structure (see photo). This results in extremely realistic recordings, from the perspective of the person wearing them.


While recording, your hearing is not impaired at all, since the microphones are outside the ear structure. The cables terminate in a stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm) gold-plated miniplug.

General information about all of our Binaural microphones is available here.

Recommended accessories and descriptions (all items are show at right):

    Windscreens: For windy situations, soft foam windscreens are available. These windscreens are acoustically transparent, and allow sound to pass through to your ears and the microphones completely unchanged. They are available in natural off-white (beige) color and in standard black. These are also handy for those recordists who need the microphones to be very unobtrusive as they completely cover the mic element.

    Microphone power supply (Battery Modules): For loud recording situations, the mics need more power than typical recorder can provide. You can also use battery module to adjust bass response and adjust levels. See the details on each module for features and specifications. General information on all battery modules can be found here.


    – Flat frequency response

    – Omni-directional pickup pattern

    – Small size

    – Can be used directly with any recorder that has “plug-in-power” or with battery module

    – Produces extremely realistic recordings

Weight 0.8 lbs


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