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Brand: Sound Professionals


Build your system with up to 8 ultra-high sensitivity Omnidirectional microphones with headphone monitoring and USB audio interface

If you are looking for the�tripod stand�microphone version, click here.

Available exclusively from The Sound Professionals, this is the smallest, high-sensitivity multiple microphone system available!

It includes 4 high gain, ultra-high sensitivity�tripod type microphones. The microphones can be spread around room or table to evenly pickup sounds from 4 areas (expandable up to 8). The cable length can be selected on each mic.

The Andrea USB soundcard includes advanced noise filtering and echo cancellation and offers a headphone amplifier that offers real-time monitoring of the sound begin recorded. You can upgrade the USB soundcard if desired and get it with mics built right in for additional sound pickup.

Here are the features and specs on the mics

Here are the features and specs on the Andrea USB soundcard (SP-USB-SA-HIGH-GAIN)

This system can be configured to your liking – just email us or call!

Weight 2 lbs


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